Moore Coffee & Tea

a premium sustainably grown coffee  roaster
We continue to roast and ship “Fresh Coffee”
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The Highest Degree of Flavor

We roast premium coffee in small batches, ensuring that every type of coffee that we sell is developed to its highest degree of flavor and potential.

Papua New Guinea Peaberry Kimel Estate Coffee

Balanced, complex , full bodied, chocolate undertones with a long sweet finish.
Kimel is cooperatively-owned by the indigenous Opais peoples of the Wahgi Valley. In a sense, it is a private cooperative, and mainly due to excellent altitudes and decent quality control at the mill, the coffee has a vibrant brightness while retaining some unique PNG origin characteristics.
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Layers of dark chocolate, creamy nut tones, and inky body.

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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Misty Valley Coffee

Balanced Chocolate,Blueberry, lemony sweetness
Drying in the cherry, as is the case with this coffee, is the original tradition in Ethiopia. Natural or dry-process, fruit-dried or cherry-dried – however you prefer to talk about this style of ‘zero-process’ coffee post-harvest production, it all comes back to Ethiopia.
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Exceptional Coffee

Roasters Reserve

Coffee’s offered here are very special and limited. Our roast profile for these coffee offering range from medium light to a medium roast. We watch and listen to the beans to bring out the best that each origin has to offer.
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Sustainably Grown Coffee

We are proud to bring you socially responsible coffee from around the world. Our farmers use the best environmentally friendly methods. Each batch of coffee is freshly roasted, packaged and shipped for freshness.
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Home Roasting

Home coffee roasting has been a growing trend to and is increasing. In his classic Home Coffee Roasting, James Beard Award nominated Kenneth Davids reveals the secrets to simple, quality home roasting. Buy our Best green coffee offering!
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Wholesale Coffee & Tea

We maintain high standards for freshness, consistency, and quality regardless of the size of your orders. And our belief in the highest customer service and satisfaction apply to our wholesale coffee customers as well. We now offer the opportunity to shop online for your wholesale coffee needs.
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Contact Moore Coffee & Tea

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If you have any comments or questions, please use this form to let us know. Did you not see a coffee or tea that you are interested in? Let us know: we can often special order items for our customers. Thank you for stopping by and come see us again real soon!

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